Heavy-Duty Daily Safety Checklist
Use this checklist as part of a regular, daily safety program for Heavy-Duty.

Heavy-Duty Assembly and Use Manual
Manual detailing proper and safe use of the Heavy-Duty Scaffolding system

Heavy-Duty Training Test
This 2-page pdf is the test in the back of the Heavy-Duty Manual. Use this document to print more copies of the test when training workers.

Heavy-Duty Tie-In Over 45 Feet
Important information for tying Non-Stop Heavy-Duty

Heavy-Duty Pulley Placement
Single page showing the proper installation of the Heavy-Duty Pulley.

Hoist Trap-Door Manual
Read these instructions before assembling or using the Hoist Trap-Door.

Junior Assembly and Use Manual
A must-have for owners of Junior made up to May 2009.

Junior Cable Installation Instructions
Complete disassembly procedure for replacing the cable on the Junior winch.

Junior to Standard-Duty Upgrade Instructions
Detailed instructions showing how to transfer your existing Junior Winches and safety catches over to new Standard-Duty carriages.

Leveling Jack Loads
These tables are used to approximate the load on each leveling jack for a Heavy-Duty or Standard-Duty tower of a given height. This info is usually requested when you put your scaffolding on a roof, or other structure.

Workhorse Manual
Manual showing the proper way to assemble and use Workhorse Scaffolding. Rev.11-09.

VIP Assembly and Use Instruction
Instructions for setting up and using V.I.P. Scaffolding.

Parts Basket-Man Basket Instructions
Instructions for the proper installation and use of the Non-Stop Parts Basket/Man Basket.

Rack Bracket Instructions
Instructions for using the Rack Bracket system

Speed Poles Usage Brochure
Instructions for set-up and use of Speed Poles when used with the telescoping pole system.