Product Overview

Every Non-Stop product is designed to increase production on a masonry jobsite. When the wall and material are both waist-high all day, a brick layer will put in more units. Government studies prove it. And when they don’t don’t stop to hop planks, they work continuously.

Non-Stop is the only manufacturer that can claim a zero-collapse record. In over 30 years of use by hundreds of contractors on tens or thousands of jobsites, Non-Stop has proven to be the industry leader in safety since 1976. Whether it’s our flagship, Heavy Duty, it’s younger brother, Standard-Duty, or our most modestly priced V.I.P., Non-Stop makes a system to fit any job, any size, anywhere. Waist-High, all day, Non-Stop.

Non-Stop Heavy Duty adjustable scaffoldingHeavy-Duty

For over 38 years, Heavy-Duty has been the yardstick by which other scaffolding systems are measured. With an impeccable safety record coupled with unquestionable reliability, Heavy Duty is the industry standard for elevating masonry scaffolding. With its 5 boards on the back, there’s plenty of room to land full cubes of material, anywhere. And since it’s pre-engineered for heights of up to 552 feet, Heavy Duty is ready to go to work on the tallest of masonry jobs.

Non-Stop Standard-Duty™

Non-Stop Standard adjustable scaffolding

Smaller contractors tell us all the time that Standard-Duty doubles, and often triples, their profits on light commercial and high-end residential projects. Frames just can’t come close. It’s great for every application except for big exterior block jobs (use your Heavy-Duty on those).

Standard-Duty was designed for commercial contractors for interior work and small exterior brick jobs:
• The bricklayer and laborers stand at the same level. Great for interior work with ceilings.
• Compact design. 3 laborers’ boards. 2 masons’ boards, 24″ workbench.
• A strong winch with a lifetime warranty.


Non-Stop Workhorse adjustable scaffolding

When the job Is only 8 to 20 feet high, some contractors feel it’s impractical to use elevating scaffolding. Those days are over. WORKHORSE turns short walls into money walls by keeping the bricklayer waist high.

Extremely light, enough WORKHORSE to brick a small house can fit in the bed of a pickup truck. Set up WORKHORSE before any material is laid. Start the wall off WORKHORSE and don’t stop until the wal is topped out.

WORKHORSE jacks up in 2-inch increments like a truck jack. It goes up using a simple jack handle that moves from tower to tower. When the wall is finished, it comes back down in about 2 minutes.