We are proud of the fact that the Non-Stop System has almost no small parts to keep up with. Only guardrail posts, x-braces, wall ties, and the like. Nevertheless, when moving from job to job, it’s a mess to try to tie them to a pallet. Problem solved.

The Non-Stop Parts Baskets are 30″ wide by 30″ high and 8′-8″ long.

They have heavy-duty fork pockets and expanded metal sides. The bottom is heavy sheet steel. The framework of the parts basket extends all the way under the bottom for extra strength and to keep the sheet steel from sitting directly on thedirt.

The ends are a little higher than the sides to lock into the channel irons welded on each end at the bottom. There is a gap between the channel irons and the bottom frame so you can actually fork them from the ends.

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They’re great to keep things organized in the yard, and to load up just the right accessories to tale to a job.

Fill them with shovels, hoses, quickie saws, water cans, and all the other random items you need.

Many of our customers fill their baskets with items that tend to “walk off” at night (hoses, gas cans, shovels) and put them on top of their job shack/shipping container at night.

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The Parts Baskets lock together 3-wide and 3-high on a standard 8-foot-wide trailer. Here we’re shipping another load of baskets to one of our larger contractor customers who owns almost 100 of them!

The local oilfield contractors are in love with them.

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Ever need a Man Basket for washing down or pointing the wall? We also make a guardrail kit for the Parts Basket that gives you an OSHA-legal Man Basket in about 30 seconds.

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The Guardrail Kit includes a safety chain that fastens to your forklift mast and doubles as a tie point for your harnesses and other safety gear.

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Some people enjoy a look at how we make our scaffolding. Here is a video showing how we dip paint our Parts Baskets, just like all our other products,

We recently went to a new acrylic paint formulation that seems to be just as hard as powder-coating!