Slides onto your forks and swivels over 60 degrees in each direction.

A safety chain keeps the forklift bar on your forks. The plungers lock into the rung holes on towers. Towers up to 45 feet high are assembled on the ground and then raised up with the forklift bar Pull the rope and both plungers retract. Move the bar between the towers and release the rope. The tower is safely captured on the forklift bar. Other systems that use pins and 4-point attachments have bent towers as well as the forklift attachment.

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Moving towers into tight spots is no problem. Here the forklift is sitting at about a 45-degree angle to the wall. The tower is being landed in a corner behind another tower. After it’s on the ground, the driver simply pulls the rope to retract the plungers and then booms in.

Swivel Forklift Bar  $775.00  225 lb.

Replacing the rope on your Swivel Forklift Bar

Following these simple instructions, you'll have your Swivel Forklift Bar back in operation in no time.

We use ¼” rope made out of 100% polyester. Polyester is not affected by UV light, which means it will not break down and lose strength being out in the sun all day. Polypropylene and Polyethylene are affected by UV light and are not recommended for use in this application. Steps to replace the rope on your Swivel Forklift Bar: 1) Start with 48’ of rope, tying a knot 8’ from one end. 2) With the end nearest the knot, pass the rope through the center pulley. 3) Pass the rope through the pulley on the right. 4) Pass the rope behind the bolt that holds the center pulley. 5) Pass the rope through the pulley on the left. 6) Pass the rope back behind the bolt that holds the center pulley. 7) Pull the rope until the knot binds in the center pulley. 8) Tie a knot around the center bolt. Repeat tying knots until you run out of rope.