When we decided to motorize our Heavy-Duty scaffolding, we knew it would be so revolutionary that all our established customers would want it too. We spent over a year engineering a hydraulic powered winch that would be a direct replacement for new Heavy-Duty and existing Heavy-Duty from 1999 on.
Our revised winch now enables you to utilize ANY Non-Stop Scaffold manufactured from 1999 onward. Another indication of compatibility with the Hydro-Crank for your Non-Stop Scaffold is having space for four or more boards.
& Benefits
Upgrading is as simple as removing your existing winch, setting it to the side, and dropping in the new Hydro-Crank winch. You connect the two hoses to the trunk line in about 15 seconds and you're done (more about hoses later). 

bullet-proof POWER UNIT

the facts

Everything about the bullet-proof power-unit is designed for absolute reliability. This eliminates all the manual cranking when raising and lowering the scaffold.
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We added the heat exchanger to the system for flawless operation in the hottest weather. We even use Dexron ATF in our system rather than off the shelf hydraulic fluid.
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electric-start engine

the facts

The electric-start engine is a bit over-sized to extend its life, and it's an off the shelf engine for fast replacement if needed. The hydraulic pump is rated for three times our average system pressure.
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Hydro-Crank in use

Hydro-Crank Testimonial

Marty Berns and his crew had pretty much given up on Non-Stop’s Heavy-Duty crank up scaffolding. They loved the versatility of the scaffolding system, but his men constantly complained about cranking. It had gotten so bad that the equipment Marty owned and made a lot of money using was left sitting in a hay field for a couple of years. Marty had reverted to using frame scaffolding in most situations, with an occasional mast-climber rental when the job dictated. Marty understood the production increases of elevating scaffolding, so it bothered him to have such a productive asset parked in the yard. 

With a big job coming up, Marty was considering purchasing mast-climbers when he heard about our new Hydro-Crank upgrade. He immediately pulled his equipment out of the field and put it on a job. His men, at first, complained when they saw that dreaded green equipment on the jobsite. But after a 10-minute setup they fired up the power unit and were amazed. His crew was excited to start work the next morning. Two laborers kept up with five masons laying 8” block all day with no problems. Since the Hydro-Crank lifts more than 2 times faster than a man can crank, they had plenty of time to tend the masons without getting behind. Marty said, “the scaffolding will never be parked again!” Marty’s son, Jason said: “We upgraded to Hydro-Crank at a fraction of what we were going to spend on some mast climber… boy that would have been a costly mistake on our part.” 

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