New Rest Platform

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OSHA requires you to have a rest platform every 35 feet vertically. The Corps of Engineers is more strict – it varies, though.

This is a new accessory that snaps onto the side of a Heavy-Duty or Standard-Duty tower. Does not interfere with climbing.

52 pounds.

Barricade Guardrail

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Many of our customers have faced situations where the masons walkboards run past large openings in the face of the wall. Some of these openings are large enough that a man could conceivably fall through them toward the inside of the building. We have a special guardrail socket that mounts on the wall side, but sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to block the area off.

The new Barricade Guardrail takes care of these special situations. For instance, if the scaffold extends past the end of the building, you can block off the walkboards at the corner.

Rack Brackets

What’s the perfect way to move your scaffolding from job to job? How about bundles of 8, 10, or 12 legs, all locked together so your forklift can handle them as one package? Load them onto ANY flat-bed truck or trailer in minutes. Land them on the job and all you do is install the x-braces and put them at the wall!

One pair of Non-Stop Rack Brackets locks your fully assembled towers into 4-foot-wide bundles that are as easy to handle as a pallet of block. Our Heavy-Duty scaffolding yields 10 legs per 4-foot-wide bundle with winches, 12 without. The support beam uses two of your leveling jacks to support the towers in the middle before the brackets are installed. Read More