Standard Duty

You Don’t Have a Manpower Problem, You Have a Production Problem

Want free bricklayers?

 Every 100 feet of Standard Duty Adjustable Scaffolding increases your production the same as hiring two good bricklayers. How much does it cost to put a mason on the wall for a month? Factor not only payroll, but insurance, benefits, union burden, etc. Believe it or not, many contractors don’t know their true labor costs. Those that do know the only way increase profit is to cut labor costs. When you get more work out of the crew you already have, you’re miles ahead of the competition. Non-Stop Adjustable Scaffolding is that “ace up your sleeve” that does just that, and Standard Duty is the first adjustable scaffolding system to make sense on walls as low as 6 feet tall.

Powerful Winch

The winch is actually more powerful than it needs to be, and for good reason. When the winch is always easy to crank, the tenders don't wait until the stock is used up. They keep the mason waist-high all the way to the top.

Standard-Duty scaffolding winch

Rigid Towers

Standard Duty bases and extensions are engineered to never bend, rack, or sway. Like the winch, they're stronger than they need to be, but they're lighter than any others on the market.

Standard-Duty 4' 6 Extension

More Stocking Room

In 2017, we decided to take full advantage of the power in the Standard Duty winch by rethinking the elevating carriage. The new carriages accommodate 3 or 4 planks for more stocking room.

Standard-Duty three board elevating carriage

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