You asked for it and we listened!

Inclement weather and cold temperatures are no match for Standard Duty. The new Standard-Duty Overhead Bracket gives you have a skeleton around the work platform that you can wrap with poly for winter work. The system rides up the tower with the work platform for continuous protection.

S-D Overhead Protection provides a skeleton for an enclosure.

Three Simple Parts

The Standard-Duty Overhead consists of three simple components: the S-D Overhead Beam, the S-D Pusher (supports the wall side of the Beam), and the S-D Tall Guardrail Post.

You can deck the “roof” with scaffold planks, or planks with plywood. There is a narrow slot for the x-brace to pass through. Wrap with reinforced poly, or whatever you usually use on frames.

The S-D Overhead fits the original 3-board Standard-Duty (right), and the extendable 4-board Standard-Duty shown below.

Works with the latest 4-board Standard-Duty scaffold.