ANSI A10.8 Std for Adj. Mas. Scaffolding
OSHA doesn’t have a comprehensive standard for adjustable crank-up scaffolding, so they go by the ANSI A10.8 Section 24 Std. for Adj. Mas. Scaffolding. They can cite you for violations of this standard under their “General Duty” clause.Unfortunately, that standard must be purchased. For help with compliance issues, please call us at 800-845-0845. We will be posting a synopsis of the standard soon. Posted on 6-6-16.

Enclosure Bulletin
Common-sense advice for use of a winter enclosure.

Non-Stop Heavy-Duty Tie-In Requirements
Non-Stop Scaffolding Tie-In Requirements

Safety FAQ 2015
This document answers the most asked questions. Call 800-845-0845 if your question is not covered here.

Swivel Forklift Bar Safety Bulletin
If you’re having any difficulties with the forklift bar, this info will put you on the right track.

Snow Loads on H-D Scaffold
This doc spells out maximum snow loads allowed on H-D Overhead components.

Storing Materials on the Scaffold
We do not recommend unloading materials from the scaffold at the end of the day unless the wall is topped-out. There are OSHA and Corps regulations that state “Materials shall not be stored on scaffolds or runways in excess of needs for normal placement operations or in excess of safe load limits.” These regulations are directed toward frame scaffolding that can be stocked ahead on many levels, possibly overloading the structure. This document, along with our engineer’s stamped recommendations, clarifies the issue.

Tower Climbing Bulletin 2013
All Non-Stop towers meet the new ANSI A10.8-2011 standard for access and are legal to climb. The standard itself can be downloaded above.

Wind Loads on Towers
This document describes what to do when severe weather is forecast. It applies to towers WITHOUT a winter enclosure.

Workers Tying Off to Towers
Workers May Tie Off to the Rungs of our Towers.