More Masons

Manpower is drying up, but
your GC wants you to move faster?

If you’re like all the other masonry contractors we talk to every day, your biggest problem right now is not a lack of work, it’s manpower – finding enough bricklayers. To solve that problem, Non-Stop users are putting more Non-Stop on their jobs. They want all their bricklayers working at 100% efficiency. Working on frames is only about 65% efficient.

Consider this:

• 10 bricklayers on Non-Stop put out the same production as 13 bricklayers working on frames*. That’s a 30% increase.

• For what you pay one bricklayer for two weeks, you can own 200 feet of Non-Stop, 27 feet high, using our 36-month lease/purchase option.

• The National Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the national average bricklayer pay at $25.67 per hour. Let’s add only 20% for payroll taxes and that comes to $30.80 an hour,  or $1232 a week, or $4928 a month.

• Instead of hiring 3 new bricklayers for $15,000 a month, get 200 feet of Non-Stop for $2400 a month and let the 10 masons your already have put out like 13. Keep the other $12,600 a month for yourself.

Side Benefits:

• That 4-man scaffold crew won’t have anything to do. Non-Stop moves with a forklift at 100 feet an hour.

• All your safety accessories stay in place throughout the entire job. OSHA loves it.

• When your bricklayers work 30% faster, your 100-day job becomes a 70-day job and 30 days worth of labor money for the entire crew stays in your pocket.

You can work at 65% efficiency or 100% efficiency, but you get paid the bid price either way.

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* Bricklayers on Non-Stop put in 30% more material than bricklayers on frames because they never stop to hop boards (that’s 20+ minutes, 3 times a day), the wall is always waist-high, and they never run scaffold-high and move. They’ve got more time to lay brick, and every brick (or block) is in their sweet spot, where they work fastest with the least effort. End result: they put in 30% more units and go home less tired at the end of the day.