National Magazine Articles

Elevating Scaffolding
The story of three mason contractors solving difficult job site problems. Reprint from Masonry Magazine April 2005.

Elevator Shafts
Elevator shafts and stairwells are easy with Non-Stop. If your smallest dimension is 8′-10″ or more, our Heavy -Duty can do the job. If your smallest dimension is 7′-1″ or more, our Standard -Duty can do the job.

Saving the Day
Scaffolding impossible job sites. Reprint from MASONRY magazine March 2004

Innovative Products
Non-Stop company profile. Why we invented the products we sell and how they’re made.

Scaffolding Tricks for Tight Job Sites
Ways Non-Stop helped solved scaffold problems on tight job sites. This article appeared in the January 2012 issue of Masonry Magazine.

Production Enhancers
Various Strategies to Enhance Production.

The Fastest Way To The Top
Non-Stop article from April 2013

Scaffolding Savvy
A profile of our founder, Justin Breithaupt, Sr. and the evolution of Non-Stop over the years.

What OSHA Looks For
Stay ahead of OSHA by watching the details.