Heavy-Duty Winch

The Strongest Winch

The Winch is the heart of any elevating scaffold system. One breakdown can cost you thousands. It must be easy to crank, because if it‘s not, your laborers will avoid it, and your bricklayers will be back to bending and stooping. At that point, you may as well be on frames.

Stronger Is Always Better

In other words, it‘s got to be the best, the strongest and the most reliable. The Heavy Duty two-speed winch has twice the cranking power of anything on the market. Many have tried, but no one has yet duplicated the power, quality, and safety you get in the Heavy-Duty winch. It‘s so easy to crank, two laborers can raise 105 feet of scaffold 16" in about three minutes. They'll crank for three minutes, tend for 20, all day long. No need to hire a dedicated laborer to crank winches all day!

CanNot Free Spin

The Double Acting Safety Dog mechanically prohibits the winch handle from free spinning. Positive engagement of the dog against the robust 5/8" thick 6-point gear means that as soon as the winch handle is released, it locks. Simple turn the handle to resume cranking up.

High Gear To Get Down Fast

High lifting power is great, but when it's time to lower the platform and move the scaffold to the next wall, you want to do it fast. Shifting to high lowers the platform 3x faster than it went up.

Extremely High Lifting Power

We engineered the winch to offer the lifting power that you require with less effort that you expect. You'll raise a pallet of block with one hand. Competing systems require two hands and maximum effort just to raise the empty platform, becoming virtually impossible loaded.

No Lubrication required

Self-lubricating bronze bushings provide years of smooth cranking. Wear parts, like the Double Acting Safety Dog and the 6-point gear it engages are case hardened for maximum durability and life expectancy.

EZ and Mason King Upgrades

Put the power, reliabilty, and light weight of the Non-Stop Winch on your EZ or Mason King elevating carriages. double your lifting power.

Give new life to your EZ scaffolding. Adding the Non-Stop winch gives you twice the lifting power of your existing winch, while weighing only 85 pounds.